about us


Our History

MC Labs was founded in 2008 by Quality Control Scientists working for a major pharmaceutical company.  Upon closure of the site that they worked at, MC Labs started a contract laboratory company to better serve the needs of companies looking to outsource their laboratory testing.

What We Offer

MC Labs has established itself as the premiere contract laboratory that is truly focused on its client's specific needs.  Understanding that regulations must be followed in the Quality Control laboratory, it is also very important to tailor our services to meet our individual customer needs.  This is truly what sets MC Labs apart from our competitor labs.

Competitive Pricing and Fast Turnaround Times

These are key factors for our clients and we have focused our services from the very beginning to meet these customer demands.  MC Labs operates a very efficient laboratory and outpaces the competition due to the systems and processes we have put in place to be the most efficient we can for our clients needs.

Certifications and Registrations

MC Labs is a an FDA Registered (FEI  3008429582), DEA Licensed (Schedules II-V), ISO 9001:2015 Registered, GMP Compliant  facility and is audited regularly.

Our Scientists

Our scientists are trained professionals that are selected from among the best in the industry.  Our high standards and the integrity we must have in our work requires us to be very selective in who joins our laboratory staff.  This requires a significant amount of our time in recruiting activities, but is necessary to find the very best scientists that we can and invest heavily in their development and training.  When you choose to work with MC Labs you will be choosing a lab that has the best and brightest testing your samples.